The Dream Team

Here at College Dorm Cleaners, we recognize the continued commitment and hard work of all our crew members.

Our project managers, cleaning, and painting staff, are the lifeblood of what makes our projects so successful.

Meet the Operations Crew

Cherish, Chief Operating Officer

Cherish is a 16 year veteran of the hospitality industry specializing in hospitality management, multi level operations, parking management, and quality assurance. She received her training in Forbes five star standards resort industry hotels in Park City, UT, such as The Montage. Her time spent as a regional auditor for Hilton Hotels contributed directly to her success in operating student housing. Over the course of her career, Cherish has won several awards for her dedication to her clients, and she has overseen the daily operations of over 60 locations in 9 different states.

Cherish's extensive operations experience and commitement to meeting brand standards has meant College Dorm Cleaners is able to tackle bigger projects and accomplish more successful turns. She is committed to making sure the job is done well, and that her team is taken care of.

"I'm very passionate about elevating women in business, this includes mentoring young women into leadership roles. I believe that corporate accountability is very important, as are equal rights for all. In my free time you'll probably find me spending time in the Hudson Valley with my pit bull terrier. 

My favorite thing about turn is being the support system for my team. Turn season means all hands on deck, and I have no problem rolling up my sleeves to paint and clean toilets. 

The worst thing about turn is the booger walls... if you know, you know."

Justin, VP of Operations

Justin is brought to you by way of Fabulous Las Vegas!

Justin has been providing five-star customer service and managing multi-level properties for over 20 years, since he started working in the parking industry at age 19 on the Las Vegas strip. Justin is proud of being a member of a 6-person team that consulted on the sale of New York’s largest parking company, which included over 200 locations in New York City.

Justin’s previous experience as a Regional Manager in multi-family and student housing has provided him the opportunity to seamlessly apply his skill set to student turns without skipping a beat. He makes it his mission to finish each student turn before the scheduled deadline by staffing appropriately and being well-organized. Justin takes pride in being called the "schedule guru."

"It's important that I lead by example, and I'm very dedicated to the success of my employees. I'd say most people on the team know me for my dad jokes. Keeping a positive attitude is important during turn. I'm very hands on in my approach to daily operations.         

My favorite thing about turn has got to be the weight loss. I'm running around so much nonstop, up and down stairs for days on end. It's hard work, but I love it. 

The worst thing about turn is dreaming about the schedule all night long."

Autumn, Operations Manager

Autumn started her journey in operations management in 2003 where she managed a chain of three restaurants in upstate New York. After 8 years, and becoming what some would call a "restaurant extraordinaire," she worked as a vet tech and ran operations at a 24 hour emergency pet clinic. Before joining College Dorm Cleaners in 2019, Autumn had worked 4 years as an onsite operations manager and quality assurance liaison for a local New York storage company.

Autumn's comfortability with fast-paced operations at the highest level translates perfectly to the student turn process. She brings strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of what is involved with managing staff at all levels.

"My favorite part of the turn season is the preparation. I love working in the trenches with my team! Setting my team up for success, and working together to complete a successful turn, is rewarding and fun!

My absolute least favorite part of turn is all the hairy bathrooms..."

Cheyenne, Regional Manager

Cheyenne joined the CDC team in 2018 after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Utah. In addition to having 5 years of commercial cleaning experience, he specializes in on site operations, digital marketing and design, social media management, and search engine optimization.

Cheyenne is College Dorm Cleaners' resident tech enthusiast. You can find him every turn season working hard to ensure that everything behind the scenes is in working order for operations to run smoothly.

"My favorite thing about turn is the work environment. I love how fast-paced everything is. I’m so fortunate to work with a crew of wonderful people--I feel like I'm in my element whenever my team and I are working towards a goal. I spend most of my time outside of work part-time as an intern in a music studio.

My least favorite part of last turn season was bringing the wrong pair of shoes...I forgot my favorite pair of running shoes at home! Turn season is always a ton of walking and the more cushion you have in your shoes, the better!"

Paddy, Team Morale Manager

Paddy joined the College Dorm Cleaners team in 2021, shortly after being adopted. Currently 3 years into his tenure as the mascot for College Dorm Cleaners, Paddy has spent most of his time chewing his favorite ball, and ripping up his stuffed animals. He loves to bark at the television and play fetch early in the morning. He also loves popsicles and peanut butter.

"My favorite thing about turn is all the time I get to spend outside. I love how my orange ball looks when it's whizzing through the air! I usually get pretty hungry during my outside time, but thankfully there are these big fields of yummy grass."

Client Testimonials

Holley Steinbeck

"Good people. Good company. They just finished my May turn and did a great job."

Maureen Armstrong

"Anna from sales was awesome. She customized our services to fit my budget. We use them for our monthly turns and clubhouse cleaning. Everyone is professional and courteous. My location looks great. I recommend them to anyone in the Hudson Valley area."

Victoria Stanton

“I started using this company in September to keep our facility clean after all my students moved in. They are reliable and thorough. My facility looks great and smells clean. One less thing I need to worry about!”

Jason Palomos

“They are pros. My turn this year was finished faster than any other year before. I chose the turn package and was happy I did. The painting and carpet cleaning makes a huge difference.

They also offer a ton of support for their employees while they are on site. Easier to rely on only one vendor for turn. Highly recommend them!”

Todd Wilton

"We have collaborated with College Dorm Cleaners and will continue to use them. Autumn and the team at CDC are responsive, professional and provide exactly what the scope of work entailed. We do not hesitate to refer CDC. Thank you and your team for the great work."

Why Choose Us?

Experience matters. College Dorm Cleaners is the one-stop shop for all your student turn service needs. With strong roots in multi-level operations, our team adheres to a strict timeline to ensure your units are ready before your move-in date. All of our teams are comprised of individuals who are held to the highest standards of professionalism. This standard is maintained by full-time, onsite quality assurance specialists.

No matter what happens during your student turn season, you can trust College Dorm Cleaners to exceed your expectations for a turn vendor.